D'Ashley's House Rebuild~Restore~Renew
     D'Ashley's House Rebuild~Restore~Renew


D'Ashley's House invites you to start rebuilding your life by embracing our programs and services including:


Social Work Services

D'Ashley's House Social Workers can provide individual support to women as they face various life transitions, seek opportunities for new growth, and set personal and professional development goals. Social Workers work with you one-on-one to help prioritize current needs and create an action plan for accessing community resources and connection to D'Ashley's House own life-enhancing services to support you on the road to empowerment.


Career Services

D'Ashley's House Career Services assists women in various stages of professional development. Whether you are returning to work after an extended absence, seeking advancement, changing careers, or newly embarking on your professional journey, we provide tools to build your confidence moving forward.


Self-Esteem Services

D'Ashley's House Self-Esteem Department is dedicated to helping women create a positive self-image. We provide a combination of workshops and services including, but not limited to, personal appearance, self-care (internal/external) and well-being. Our programs can include those such as, Professional Ward robing, Salon Day, Make-Up Application, Healing Arts and Fitness. All are focused on cultivating self-worth and enhancing inner strengths, so that alone or in combination with other services and programs, our clients can easily navigate their specified action plan and goals while at D'Ashley's House.


Mentoring Programs

The program empowers women to transform their lives through engagement with a Mentor. Mentees work with Mentors in the community to achieve goals based on one of four tracks; career, education, entrepreneurship or financial self-sufficiency.





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