D'Ashley's House Rebuild~Restore~Renew
     D'Ashley's House Rebuild~Restore~Renew

Our community has literally hundreds of resources to help
women, but finding them on their own can be tough
. That’s why D’Ashley’s House is here! We offer a supportive environment where women can find the resources they need to take care of themselves and their families. Whether they are facing various life transitions, seeking opportunity for growth, changing careers, or setting personal and professional development goals, we will help
prioritize their current needs and create an action plan for success by providing access to community resources and connecting women to D’Ashley’s House own life-enhancing services to support them on the road to empowerment.

Your support will enable us to:

ReBuild hope by providing individual support that will identify the key needs of women


ReStore faith by providing assistance in the areas of need by offering our available services and the resources of other organizations in our community.


ReNew futures by providing lifetime access to DHI and the services we offer that includes but are not limited to; job fairs, seminars, workshops, certifications and other services that will 
provide the support needed to continue moving forward.



Get Social.

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